360 PHP Contact Form

360 PHP Contact Form

360 php contact form is bootstrap based contact form which is easily integrated with HTML or PHP pages using just two files. All files has proper title according to their functionality. 360 php contact form has jquery validation, two kind of mail functions php mail and smtp mail with file attachment and also it is responsive. File attachment functionality is working with SMTP only.

Main Features of 360 PHP Contact Form

  • Ajax based, so no need page reloads.
  • Easily to integrate with HTML or PHP page.
  • Easily to integrate style css code with your website
  • Stylesheet or you can use provided one.
  • All fields have jquery validation script.
  • Jquery based captcha is included for anti spam.
  • Google reCaptcha is included for anti spam.
  • Php mail function is included.
  • Php SMTP function is included.
  • File attachment feature is available in Php SMTP function
  • Responsive.
  • Bootstrap Based Alerts.
  • No database required.
  • Clean and extendable Code.

Detail of 360 PHP Contact Form Features

Send Email Without Page Refresh

Ajax script is included in this 360 php contact form, so this php contact form will send the email without page refresh or page reload. After completion of ajax process this php contact form will be show success or error message.

Integrate with HTML or PHP Page

Since this php contact form is build with html, css and php so you can easily integrate it with you php or html page. But make sure php is required because email will be send through php script.

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High Resolution: Yes, Compatible Browsers: IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge, Software Version: PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6